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Vladimir Jacimovic
Imagining the future is what keeps me young.
Tim Barefield
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive
Stefano Santo Sabato
There is an algorithm for that!
Elisabetta Ghisini
Listening is a special skill in business.
Alex Indick
chıef of staff
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing
Kris Bosma
aı entrepreneur
Aiming for the stars hoping not to crash into the moon on the way.
Çisil Çalıpınar
ınteractıon desıgner
Good criticism creates the best opportunities.
Luisa Cadelli
ınteractıon desıgner
The problem would be not having problems to solve
Roberto Rizzo
ınteractıon desıgner
I'm looking for ordered beauty in the world of Chaos
AI Engineers & AI Scientists
10+ years of application development experience in multiple industries
Karim Lakhani
Professor, Harvard Business School
Marco Iansiti
Professor, Harvard Business School

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