We bring AI startups to life

Our goal is to deliver blockbuster ideas with the potential to transform industries with AI.

Now is a great time to launch AI startups

Change across the business world is accelerating. Industry borders are rapidly shifting. The amount of data is exploding.
The cost of innovation is minimal thanks to cloud computing and open-source AI software.
Tomorrow’s winners will harness innovation to change the business world.


Our history is the future

our principles

We believe that...

  • AI will change how companies compete
  • The new AI-driven world will create only a few winners (and many losers)
  • We can industrialize the process of creating startups
  • Building successful startups can be more capital-efficient
  • Only the best ideas survive when we accelerate the evolution of our startups
  • Everything should be reusable for the next startup
  • We can develop Business AI applications rapidly and with less risk
  • Exceptional startup talent is truly global